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Check out a few of our most popular marketing tools.  Page through our online Valders Stone Brochure, our 3 Eden Stone Brochures or request a sample of stone for your personal use.  Our marketing tools are a great place to start to get ideas for your project!

Valders Brochure CoverValders Brochure
Are you constructing a commercial or a residential project in the near future? This idea book is sure to help spark some creativity! Take a peek at some of our most stunning projects done with Valders cut stone products.  The options are endless when you choose Valders Dimensional Cut Stone material.

Building Stone Brochure
Our Headquarters in Eden, Wisconsin produces building stone for commercial and residential projects. Glance through our idea book for a variety of Full and Thin Building Veneer products. Offering limestone and sandstone from eight quarries throughout Wisconsin, our building stone is an ideal choice for any desired look!

Landscape Brochure
Adding natural stone to any landscape will enhance the value and look of your outdoor surroundings. Our Landscape Brochure offers a collection of ideas from rustic backyards to elegant paved patios. Mix and match different landscape products to achieve your personal design.

Thumbnail Brochure
Our design palette doesn’t stop at a handful of options! We’ve pulled colors, sizes, and textures to create nearly 100 unique blends for you to choose from. Page through our Thumbnail Brochure to get an idea of which blend suits you best.

*Keep in mind, digital and hard copy images of our stone products vary from the physical appearance.

You may request up to three stone samples in the form below. Please select a color, finish, and size for your sample. Not sure which color to choose? Request one of our sample boards!