Our order process

A project becomes an order when the bid is signed and returned, along with any required down payment. An order number will be generated for your project, which you will see on future correspondence in regards to the order. Upon receipt of the down payment, a Project Manager will look over the order and assign it for further processing. Keep in mind, the Project Manager assigned to your job is your primary contact for information about your order throughout the submittal, production, and shipping phases.

drawings for a stone orderOrders which consist only of slabs or simple, clearly defined items without any finished edges will be released to production once the order is placed.

Drafting Services:  Orders that require drawings will be assigned to our Drafting Department. Once the drawings are created, you will receive a submittal which will need to be approved in writing before we move forward on the project. Please note that large orders (usually multiple loads,) may be split into multiple submittals, each of which will need written approval.

Upon approval of the submittal, your lead time will begin and your order will be turned into individual tickets and released for production. A setting drawing, if necessary, will be created and sent for your use once all the tickets have been created. This drawing will map out where each individual piece fits.

Your Project Manager will contact you once your material is ready to be shipped or picked up.


Site Visits:  Some projects may require members of our Project Management Team to visit the site to verify existing conditions, produce templates, or make suggestions on the design.  At this time, a meeting may be set up to meet with various contractors and/or the owner to ensure that the stone we fabricate is complete in its scope and meets your expectations.  Please note these services generally require reimbursement of expenses plus a fee.

Templates:  Many projects require the use of templates to replicate the exact contours, sizes, and dimensional variation needed to properly fit certain stone pieces into the onsite application. Common dimensional stone that requires a template are radius pool coping pieces, especially replacement units. It is important to understand that when templates are used the following procedures and rules govern their use:

  • Templates should always be made from material that is clean, will hold the shape of the required piece, is clearly marked with any notes for edge treatments, is free of cluttered notes and marks unrelated to the templated piece, and the overall shape of the template replicates the desired finished piece exactly. When we receive a template, we rely solely on the template shape to produce the stone piece. Inaccurate or improperly cut or labeled templates can lead to pieces that do not fit in the field. This is a costly process and we are not liable for the cost if a template sent to us is inaccurate. An ideal material to use is 4 mil Mylar, which is available in rolls, can be easily written on for notes, can be cut to size and shape easily and accurately, and can be rolled and placed for mailing.
  • We will, upon your request and agreement to pay for this service, send our personnel to the site to perform the template process for you.